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What You Need to Know About Roof Insurance

At Sipe Roofing & General Contracting, we specialize in working with roofing insurance claims, meaning that we provide roof inspection services and take care of any repairs that are necessary. Our team has been working with roofing insurance for a long time, so we are thoroughly familiar with its ins and outs.

What You Need to Know About Roof Insurance

We also know that this field is often confusing for people who are viewing it from the “outside”, so we have put together this article to go over some key things you need to know about roof insurance.

  • What Roof Insurance Covers- The first thing you should know about roof insurance is that most policies cover damage from fires, storms, and natural disasters, as well as from things like vandalism. If your roof becomes damaged from any of these events, your insurance company will cover some or all of the costs of repairing it.
  • Older Roofs May Not Be Insured- Another thing you should know about roof insurance is that your insurance company may refuse to renew a policy on a roof that is over a certain age, with the usual limit being twenty years. If your roof is that old, your insurance company may require it to pass an inspection verifying that it’s in good condition before they will renew your policy.
  • You Still Have to Do Due Diligence- A third thing to know about roof insurance is that insurance companies still require you to do what you can to prevent major damage from occurring. For example, if you neglect your roof and don’t take good care of it, your insurance company may not cover the costs of repairs.

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