When it comes to color schemes for your home, grey can be a tricky choice. Listed below are some paint colors that can work with gray shingles. Light gray and off-white are also great options. You can even mix and match them to create a unique look. To find the perfect color combination, read on! There are many beautiful shades of grey out there, so you will be sure to find a roof color that compliments your home perfectly.


A grey roof looks great with many different colors. A blue roof gives off a sense of authority and stability, but it can also be calming for visitors. Both light and dark blue can be used for the exterior. Lighter blue is a perfect choice for a more relaxed vibe, while darker blues can be intimidating. Choosing the right color for your roof can be tricky. Below are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Choose a different color for the exterior of your home. Beige paint colors work well with any color of roof, but be careful to choose a lighter or darker shade than your roof. If you use too similar colors, the paint will look washed out and heavy. The roof color and the paint will have the most influence on the colors you choose. If you choose a light or dark beige, make sure to make sure that the colors contrast.

When choosing the paint color for your home’s exterior, make sure to consider the style of your home. You should also consider your landscape when choosing the right paint color. Choosing the correct shade for your roof can help emphasize architectural design, regulate the degree of insolation, and maximize heat saving. Beige paint colors for grey roofs should be chosen based on the shade and undertone of the roof. The perfect combination of these two elements can produce a timeless look for your home.

If you want to add a contrast with the roof, try using two or three shades of gray. You can also combine two or three shades of the same shade of gray, depending on the intensity of the gray in your roof. In addition, you can choose a different tone for the siding, if you don’t want to use the same color on the outside of your home. You can also use white or beige shades to complement a gray roof.


Off-white paint colors look great on homes with gray roofs, but they aren’t a perfect match. There are a number of factors to consider, such as the location, weather, and lighting. This color works well in warm climates and pairs well with natural stone, brick, and green accents. This color might look too bright and dingy if you have white trim on your home, so you need to know which hues will best complement it.

Gray roofs come in a range of hues – from dark to light. They have blue, green, and violet undertones, and some are even slightly browned. This means that off-white paint colors are not the best choice for homes with a black roof. Depending on the type of gray roof, a light beige or cream color would be appropriate. A darker gray roof may look good with natural brick colors such as red, pink, and orange.

A gray color that leans towards purple will look shocking in certain lighting. If you have a grayish off-white, it will look purple in photos, depending on the lighting. However, you should consider a mid-toned contemporary gray color like Sherwin Williams Eider White, which has a low LRV of 73 and a cool greige undertone. If you want a white paint color that is not too bright, then you should choose another gray color, such as Benjamin Moore Gray Mist.

Gray roofs are best paired with other gray hues. A warm taupe gray can bring out the brown undertones of gray shingles. Conversely, a cool blue or green shade will make the gray look too cold. To avoid a cold, dreary look, choose shades of olive, mint, emerald, turquoise, and herbal. Make sure to choose a paint color that corresponds with the saturation level of the gray roof.

Light gray

A light grey paint color goes well with gray roofs and other types of gray exterior siding. This cool, muted grey pairs nicely with exterior stucco, lap siding, and dark gray shingles. This color will also complement white exterior trim colors. In addition, it has many design possibilities when used as an accent color for the exterior. A light gray roof can make your house look more elegant and stylish. Here are some tips to match a light grey paint color with a gray roof.

Light grey paint colors go with grey roofs in several shades. Cooler grays are best matched with lighter shades, while warmer grays look better with darker ones. Light grays work well with a variety of trim colors and can be played up by using accent paint. You can also bring out the tones in other areas of the house, including the front door and garage door. For extra visual appeal, consider planting a few colorful plants around the house.

The best way to go with a gray roof is to consider its undertones. Gray shingles have brown undertones and a warm taupe gray will bring them out. On the other hand, a light slate gray will wash out the gray shingles and blend into the background. Contrast is key in this case. A light gray paint color is a great foundation for bold pops of color.

If the grey shingles are part of a mixed roof color scheme, you can try a gray paint color with the same shade of a solid gray roof. This color combination can work with greenish grays. A light yellow with a tinge of grey goes well with a solid gray roof. You can also use a mustard yellow accent to accentuate a door or window. This is a very classic color combination, and is sure to match the gray shingles perfectly.

Dark gray

When it comes to color combinations, there’s no rule that says that dark gray paint colors go with grey roofs. However, if your gray roof is paired with a warm color, you can get away with a lighter shade. You can also play with the color of trim to create a look that fits with your gray roof. Just remember to consider your home’s climate, curb appeal, and size before choosing a color for your roof.

Grey shingles can look particularly unattractive when paired with a brick exterior. While brick blends in well with a grey roof, there are a few tricks to making your home appear brighter. First, power wash it to remove any stains and accent colors with a darker color. Dark accents will also add a pop of color to your home. And don’t forget to use contrasting accent colors to add some color to your grey roof.

Grey roofs look particularly nice with a pastel or sky blue color. This combination is particularly appealing on cottage-style homes, where the roof’s angular parts contrast with the side and front of the house. The modest shade of blue with grey tinges will also add an elegant look to your home and make it seem larger. Another color that will stand out with a gray roof is taupe. This shade is a blend of grey and brown and will give your home a more elegant and softer finish.

For exterior trim, you can choose a shade of gray called Worldly Gray, which has a slight green undertone. Worldly Gray is darker than Agreeable Gray and creates a soft, earthy look. This color also pairs well with black shutters and white house trim. Whether you choose a dark gray roof or a light one, you can’t go wrong with this color scheme.


Gray roofs are a versatile color and can be painted in many different ways. Cooler shades go well with dark gray, while warmer tones go well with lighter tones. Additionally, the right shade can help regulate the degree of insolation, improving your energy efficiency. Before painting your roof, consider the undertone and shade of your house. Consider color swatches and curb appeal when choosing the right paint color for your home.

One of the best paint colors to pair with a grey roof is blue. A soft blue or a deep navy blue looks great against a grey roof. Deep blue gives the impression of stability and authority. Darker blue homes can be made softer by combining it with light accents and trim. A darker blue roof, on the other hand, can convey a strong impression. If you’re not sure what color to choose for your roof, you could consider a neutral color like grey or taupe. Both colors look great on a grey roof.

Another color that will complement a gray roof is White Dove (OC-17). This soft off-white is reminiscent of alabaster. It’s ideal for lightening shaded houses. A warm toned color like White Dove pairs well with slate-toned windows and black shutters. Also, consider Tricorn Black, a contemporary black that contrasts well with a gray roof. This neutral gray complements modern home styles, and it will complement the style of your home and roof.

Another option is an all-white house with a grey roof. This is a classic color scheme that goes well with traditional homes, though it can work with contemporary and modern houses as well. Soft beiges and cream colors are also good choices. If you’re using natural brick colors, consider buff or red shades for the exterior of your home. Neither of these will clash with your grey roof. They also have similar colors.