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Winston Salem is the second largest municipality in the Triad and the county seat of Forsyth County. The Wells Fargo Center building located in Winston Salem is the tallest office building in the region and there are a ton of attractions here! Dubbed “Camel City” for Winston’s involvement historically with the tobacco industry and the “Twin City” due to its heritage, Winston is the fifth most popular city in our great state. Popular attractions of the city include 3 prestigious schools, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and Winston Salem State University. Old Salem is another notable spot to visit in Winston Salem.
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When you’re in need and searching for roofing companies Winston Salem, you have many options to choose from. It’s important to be informed when you’re handing over something as important as the roof of your home or business. You need a professional, experienced, licensed, efficient company to take care of your roofing needs from inspections to working with your insurance company after a storm has left your home or business property in ruins. Sipe Roofing and General Contracting is just that company and has been taking care of Winston Salem’s roofing issues for over 30 years!

Don’t wait for the next storm to roll through the Winston Salem area, and Winston gets its fair share of storms! If you’re wondering what the current state of the roof on your property is, give Sipe Roofing and General Contracting a call today and have a thorough roof inspection done. Winston’s families aren’t the only ones who trust us, we have serviced roofs all over North Carolina and even into Virginia!

Sipe Roofing and General Contracting is your go-to North Carolina roofing contractor. We are a full-service company that is grateful and proud to be Winston Salem’s choice in roofing specialists. We are more than equipped for any job in the area, no matter how big or small. If you’re in need of roofing contractors Winston Salem NC has or are in need of inspections, replacements, installations, or roofing insurance claim work then look no further than Sipe Roofing and General Contracting. 

Roofing Services in Winston Salem:

  • Inspections (whether requested for real estate purposes, property owner, or insurance)
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Installation
  • Storm Damage Claims
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Wood Shake Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Flat Roofing

Winston Salem Roofing Inspections

Don’t wait for the next storm to roll through the Winston Salem area, and Winston Salem gets its fair share of storms! If you’re wondering what the current state of the roof on your property is, give Sipe Roofing and General Contracting a call today and have a thorough roof inspection done. Winston Salem’s families aren’t the only ones who trust us, we have serviced roofs all over North Carolina and even into Virginia.

We at Sipe Roofing and General Contracting pride ourselves on the thorough inspection services we provide to evaluate a roof’s structural support as well as exterior condition, interior workmanship quality, and durability. After our inspection, we will be able to provide our expert opinion on any repairs or replacements that would maintain your structure and safety.

Winston Salem Roof Repair

Is there anything more inconvenient than having to deal with roof repairs? Sipe Roofing and General Contracting understands that this task can not only be inconvenient, but stressful, time-consuming, and expensive in some cases. We’re here to take as much stress off of you as possible! The roof of your home is one component that you should never ignore. It may not always be in the forefront of your mind, but it has an immense impact on everything around you—especially during repairs or replacements! Be sure to look out for these signs that your roof needs repair work before they turn into major problems down the line: 

  • Leaks: If there are any leaks in spots where water shouldn’t usually be like underneath shingles then this could point towards problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible
  • Shingles: If you can see curled, cracked, or missing shingles or dark spots on your roof from the ground, it’s time to call in a professional.
  • Increased Energy Bills: Has your power bill gone up and you can’t figure out why? This could be due to your roof not performing as it should.
  • Drafty Areas: If there are drafty areas on the interior of your home, this can indicate roofing issues that need to be repaired.

If you’re experiencing issues with your roof, it is essential that an expert assess the damage and determine how repairs can be successfully completed. Our team has years of experience in determining if solutions are long-lasting for all homeowners who are facing hardships like yours—and will help keep costs low by identifying potential savings opportunities. 

We know that your roof is a crucial part of protecting you and those inside so we take it seriously. We want to make sure the job gets done right with excellent service at every step!

Our trained professionals will conduct an inspection on-site and then discuss what needs to be done going forward. The first step in any repair process should always include receiving expert advice from one source which can save time and money later down the road when making decisions about short-term vs long-term solutions.

Roof Replacement Winston Salem

Homes and businesses rely on their roofs for protection from the elements, as well as insulation. If yours needs to be replaced due to age or damage it’s important that you find an experienced company who knows what they are doing because no one wants or deserves a shoddy job!

We at Sipe Roofing and General Contracting know how important your roof is, which is why we will always make sure it’s replaced correctly. Whether you need a few new shingles on top of an existing job or want us to replace the entire roof so you can have peace of mind, we have you covered! No matter what issue arises with this crucial part of the job our team will take care of everything from start to finish professionally and correctly!

In order to ensure that your roof is in the best condition possible, we recommend giving us a call. We have years of experience and will be able to diagnose any problems you might have with ease! If it’s time for a new roof altogether or just some repairs then rest assured knowing they’ll get done right away and at an affordable price.

We know that every project is different, which means we have the flexibility to offer you a price on your next replacement job based on what’s best for it. Not only will our professional crews help choose between different materials but they’ll also walk through each step with you and make sure everything ends up exactly the way you want and need.

Signs your roof should be replaced:

  • Age: If your roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time to start thinking about replacement, depending on what type of roof you have.
  • Shingle Issues: If you’ve noticed your shingles are missing in some places or are curling, cracking, or shedding granules, let us take a look and see if repairs can be done or if a replacement will be necessary.
  • Moss: If you’ve noticed moss on your roof, it’s time to call in the professionals. Moss is not only unattractive but also holds moisture, which can cause mold and mildew on your roof. 

Storm Damage Roofers Winston Salem

Have you ever had your house damaged by a storm? Sipe Roofing & General Contracting is here for all of our customers having to deal with any roof-storm damage and insurance companies. No matter how small or large the problem, we will make sure that it gets taken care of immediately and efficiently so there are minimal disruptions inside the home or business. 

Your roof protects you from the elements, but when it is damaged by stormy weather or other events like heavy snowfall accumulation that can weaken its integrity. This makes flooding and mold growth more likely because protection for these major problems has been compromised. Your home needs a reliable partner on its side – rely upon us!

The visual inspection of your roof is an important part when it comes to storm damage repair. Some signs that may indicate a problem with the integrity or safety that you should be looking for include curled and cracked shingles, hail damage, and shingle granular loss, which could all lead to weakened roofs, leading to unsafe homes and offices. 

In these crucial times, it’s of paramount importance to have an expert inspect your roof for damages done by the storm and make the appropriate repairs or replacements to ensure your home or business remains protected. We will always suggest the most cost-effective solution for you, while not compromising safety and create a report after inspection to pass on to your insurance company.

Residential Roofer in Winston Salem

Being a homeowner in Winston Salem is not always easy but one of the biggest and best things you can do for your house is to make certain your roof is in great shape. After all, your roof has a huge responsibility and it’s important to make sure it’s up for the job. Your roof shields your family from the elements and protects the integrity of your home, so ensuring it’s well taken care of should be top priority for you as the homeowner. At Sipe Roofing and General Contracting, we’re not just a roofing company, we’re THE Winston Salem roofing experts and are here to help with any of your needs when it comes to residential roofing. 

Residential Services Provided in Winston Salem:

Commercial Roofing Company Winston Salem

There are a few things that you can do to keep your commercial property safe and sound. While providing basic security measures is important, one of the most essential aspects in maintaining integrity for any development or building would have to be strong roofing systems on all sides with proper ventilation capabilities so as not to affect indoor air quality.

When you’re in need of a commercial roofing company, there is no better choice than Sipe Roofing and General Contracting. We have been providing quality service for decades and we take pride in giving our clients their desired outcome with every project.

Commercial Services Provided in Winston Salem:

  • Commercial roof inspections
  • Commercial roof repair
  • Commercial roof replacement
  • Commercial storm damage

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