If you have a brick house, you might be wondering how to choose a roof color for it. Luckily, there are many options available! Among these are Black, Gray, and Pewter gray. If you are still stuck, here are some helpful tips! Here are four tips for choosing the right roof color for your brick house. It all starts with a good plan and some research! After reading this article, you should be well on your way to choosing the perfect roof color for your brick house!

Pewter gray

If you have a brick house, then you’ve probably considered a Pewter gray roof. Pewter gray is a deep, cool-toned color that complements many types of exterior elements. One popular choice is Polar Bear 75, a gray-toned paint that works well with brown trim and natural wood tones. The roof color should complement the dominant color of the house’s exterior.

A black roof would stand out in a uniform area, but a gray roof blends in well with red brick. Black, meanwhile, is a classic choice because it absorbs the most heat. If you have a brick house, black is also a good choice. This is because it blends in well with most color schemes. It is an excellent choice for a brick house because of its low profile.

Another option is to use a patterned roof. A patterned roof will create a dramatic contrast with a brick house, and a blue roof will add an unexpected splash of color to the house. A blue roof will be visible from afar and will not overwhelm the house. It’s a great option for both small houses and large farmhouses alike. If you have a brick house, consider adding a gray roof to it for a more elegant look.


Black is a versatile color that can go well with a brick house. The color looks great with white and gray bricks, but isn’t as common as red. Brick houses in this color scheme are generally finished with white or gray bricks on the siding. If you want a more dramatic and modern look, go with a black roof. Besides adding a touch of sophistication, black will help maximize the heat from the sun.

A black roof is a good choice for a brick house because it blends well with other roof colors and will not stand out against them. This color is also very heat-absorbing, so it’s a good choice for homes in sunny climates. However, if you live in a hotter climate and don’t want your brick roof to stand out, try a color that blends well with red brick.

Choosing the right roof color is essential to enhancing the beauty of brick and drawing the eye upward to the details. You should choose a color that accentuates the color of your bricks and goes well with any other permanent exterior features. Another important consideration is the architectural style of your brick house. Certain homes have certain color schemes, so choosing a color that deviates from these guidelines can cost you resale value.


If you have a pink brick house, choosing a gray roof color for it is a tricky proposition. From the road, it may appear as if your house is a salmon shade. In reality, pink brick is a pink cast, which makes it much more difficult to match. However, you can do it. Here are some tips to help you decide on the right roof color for your brick house. A gray roof can help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

For the most neutral color, go with black or dark gray. The rest of the shades have color undertones. These colors will fit in with most brick colors. In addition, they look great with black and brown trims. If you’re not sure which shade of gray is best for your home, consider a light gray color. A light gray color, such as birchwood, will add contrast without being overpowering.

Dark brown

When choosing a roof color for a brick house, you will need to know about the colors of the brick and other materials that make up the exterior of the home. This can be challenging, and you will want to consider the look you want to achieve in the overall aesthetic. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best color for your roof. Keep in mind that you may not want your brick house to look too stark or too simple, so you should make sure that your roof color matches the brick.

When choosing a roof color for a brick house, it is best to look at the exterior brick and the underlying colors to get a good match. You may also want to consider the permanent exterior features of the home, such as shutters, door frames, and windows, so that you can match these to the roof color. You can also consider the color of the sun, as a darker roof color may not look as good as a lighter one. The best roof color for a brick house is one that complements the brick facade and is complimentary to its surrounding landscape.


While it may not be possible to match your copper roof color to your brick house, you can still coordinate with the color of your bricks. While it’s not as easy as it sounds, the trick is to find the right color that complements your bricks. Bricks can be multicolored, which can make the choice of a roof color more difficult. Here are some tips for matching roof color to brick house. Read on for more information.

Before choosing a roof color for your brick house, you should consider the overall color of your brick exterior and underlying colors. The roofing color should harmonize with the brick’s primary color cast and complement the brick’s exterior features. However, if you are planning to use multiple-colored roofing tiles, you should be aware that mixing tones can make your house appear off-balanced and dated. A brick house with a copper roof is more attractive than one that is not.


A tan roof color on a brick house is one of the most popular choices for roofing. While neutral colors such as gray and white are always popular, you can also get a more pronounced color in darker shades of green. This color is also durable and will add a certain enticing feel to your home. This color also compliments a wide variety of other color schemes, including brown and beige.

When choosing a roof color for your brick house, remember that it will be visible on the exterior. When the roof is larger than the exterior of the home, color does matter. A brick home with a tan roof will make the color stand out more. For example, if you are considering a tan roof color for a brick home, you can use white on the windows and doors to make the roof stand out more.

When choosing a roof color for your brick house, remember that the bricks themselves may be different colors. While tan can complement tan-colored bricks, a gray-colored roof with a tan roof will create a contrasting effect. Using a contrasting color to complement a tan roof can also help make the house more attractive to potential buyers. And remember to choose colors that will enhance the brick house’s features without taking away from its overall appearance.

Copper-colored roofs

Copper-colored roofs for brick houses are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of class to their home. This metal is a distinctive shade that ages beautifully, turning gray or brown over the course of time. However, copper can stain other surfaces, so homeowners should consider how their property will look in its surrounding neighborhood. Copper-colored roofs may also violate the rules of some homeowners’ associations.

For brick houses, a warm-colored roof looks good with brown-cast brick, while a cool-colored one will overwhelm a white cast brick. It is important that the roof and siding colors be the same tone or color to ensure they complement each other. However, a warm-colored roof can work well with brown-toned or green-painted homes. Copper-colored roofs for brick houses can be especially striking when used with brown-colored walls.

For brick houses, copper-colored roofs come in several hues and are available in various materials. Dark shades of green will complement dark red brick, while lighter hues will compliment light-colored red brick. Green roofs work well with steep-sloped roofs and can look great with white or grey trim. Copper roofs for brick houses are highly durable and will last for many years. In addition, they can be made of natural copper, allowing homeowners to protect their homes against the harsh elements.

Tan shingle roofs

If you want a roof color that fits your house perfectly, consider using tan shingles on a brick house. These roofs mimic the look of real wood shingles. You can also use a real wood front door that is stained a medium brown color. Light colors look nice with brick, but they must be lighter than the brick itself. Light gray asphalt shingle is a great choice for a brick house.

Another great feature of a tan roof is that it is versatile. It will blend with various types of homes and colors. It will appear warmer on sunny days and lighter in the shade. This gives it a natural undertone that adds to its beauty. This makes it ideal for red brick houses. But when choosing a shingle color for a brick house, it’s important to understand the differences between tan and red.

For example, a red brick house will look good with a brown roof, since earth tones like green and tan look good together. The wood look can also be very realistic if the brown shingles are dark enough. Similarly, tan and red bricks go well together. Moreover, brown roofs that look like wood also look good with other natural materials such as brick or stone.