Commercial Roof Storm Damage, Burlington, NC

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We have more than 30 years of experience resolving commercial roof storm damage.

There are many companies that offer services related to commercial roof storm damage, but few that specialize in resolving this type of issue. At Sipe Roofing & General Contracting, we are insurance storm damage specialists serving the Burlington, North Carolina area. As experienced roofing specialists, we can resolve damage to many different types of roofing, including asphalt, TPO, and metal roofing. We’ll begin with a full inspection of the condition of your roof and assess the degree of commercial roof storm damage to ascertain whether a repair would restore the protection to your building and assets or if replacement is the better course of action.

Commercial Roof Storm Damage in Burlington, North Carolina

Our more than 30 years of experience and the trust we have earned from insurance companies make us the ideal choice to handle your commercial roof storm damage. We have established a reputation for honesty and integrity so you can trust that our recommendation is based on what is in your best interests. Insurance companies trust us to do what we say we are going to do, and so can you!

Since we are a North Carolina unlimited general contractor, there is nothing we cannot do in terms of resolving your commercial roof storm damage. Others may only be able to deal with the roofing material itself, but we can resolve structural problems as well.

When severe weather tears through the area and you have concerns about the integrity of your company’s roof, reach out to us for prompt attention dealing with the storm damage. We will resolve your commercial roof storm damage with a level of quality that is second to none.


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