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A major storm can wreak havoc on your house’s exterior, especially your roof. If you need an insurance estimate, we can come and do the inspection. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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Here’s why you should choose us to do your insurance inspection:

  • We’ll come out quickly to inspect your roof, so you don’t waste any time moving your claim forward.
  • We have the experience to fully assess your roof and find all the damage.
  • We’re friendly, customer oriented, and committed to your satisfaction.

When you need a roof inspection done to file an insurance claim, we’re the ones for the job. Call us today to set up your appointment!

Insurance Inspections in North Carolina

North Carolina gets its fair share of severe weather and when Mother Nature strikes, sometimes you need an insurance inspection. Sipe Roofing and General Construction is no stranger to working with insurance companies on claims–in fact, it’s one of our specialties. It’s important to have someone on your side that can take some of the stressful load off when your home or business is damaged.

The roof of your home is one component that you should never take lightly. The right expert can determine whether or not it needs to be replaced, what repairs are needed, and how they’ll happen– all while giving you confidence that everything will get done properly. It’s imperative to have you do your research and have a roofing expert perform these inspections, especially after your home or office has been damaged by a storm, as a small issue could lead to a much bigger problem that could lead to higher expenses down the road. What could have been a minor repair can become a total roof replacement if left for too long.

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At Sipe Roofing & General Contracting, we are your insurance storm damage specialists who can help you navigate all your roofing needs in the Burlington, North Carolina area.

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