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3 Ways to Prevent Roof Storm Damage to Your Home or Business

While our team here at Sipe Roof & General Contracting has extensive experience in dealing with and repairing storm damage, we understand that our clients would prefer to prevent that damage from occurring in the first place. If you are looking for ways to protect your property from roof storm damage, keep reading to learn a few effective strategies from our experts.

Roofing Storm

1.  Correct Drainage Issues– Long before you get the first storm warnings, you should take the time to make sure your property doesn’t have any drainage issues that could cause water to flow back toward the building. In addition, keep your gutters clean and free of debris so that they can do their jobs and effectively protect your home or commercial property from water damage.

2.  Trim Dead Wood- In addition to water damage, another common form of roof storm damage is impact damage from fallen branches. To prevent this from happening to your property, we recommend that you have the trees periodically inspected and trimmed of dead branches to ensure that there aren’t any heavy tree limbs waiting to fall on your roof. Sometimes it may be necessary to have entire trees removed if they are sick, hollow, or too weak to withstand the high winds of a storm.

3.  Secure Outdoor Furniture- A third way to prevent roof storm damage is to make sure all your outdoor items are tightly secured. Bring outdoor furniture such as grills, picnic tables, and deck chairs indoors, and remove any outdoor decorations, as they can easily get destroyed themselves or turn into damaging projectiles when lifted by severe winds.

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